User Datagram Protocol

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A internet protocol for sending short "datagram" packets to nodes on the internet. Unlike TCP/IP, UDP does not provide reliablility of transfer, but is well suited for its role in broadcast of multicast packets

UDP Applications

UDP is a good protocol choice where the loss of packets (datagrams) is not critical, or the timeliness of packet transfer is critical. Note that TCP/IP will take more time resending "old" and possibly no longer relevant information.

Therefore, examples of UDP applications include:

  • The Domain Name System (DNS - loss is acceptable),
  • trivial FTP (TFPP - it's simple),
  • Voice over IP (VoIP - timeliness is more important than data loss for audio) and
  • Network games, including internet games (where again timeliness is more important some data loss, as long as it can be corrected or compensated for and the gameplay isn't corrupted).