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There are a number of common (or well known) Internet Tools that can be used to help us investigate and understand the nature of the Internet. These tools are closely related to Internet protocols, as most Internet tools are simply protocol clients that make use of the protocols to perform a task.

  • ping used to determine if an machine using an IP address will respond.
  • nslookup to resolve domain names into IP numbers (and visa versa)
  • traceroute (or tracert) used to determine the path taken for internet traffic between two nodes.
  • whois provides information about the registar for a particular registered domain name
  • ipconfig and ifconfig
  • netstat
  • finger client can be used to find out information about a user on a system. Typically disabled.
  • telnet client can be used to transfer standard text characters between a client and a server. Commonly used as a "shell tool" on port 25 (default), but can also used to test other text-based protocols manually.
  • ssh clients which can use the ssh protocol to communicate securely between nodes.
  • port scan tools can be used to test for open ports of internet nodes. Often used as part of a security audit, or for other malicious uses.

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