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What Web Standards?

There are many technology standards, development processes and usability standards that are applicable to the development of web sites and web applications. Good use - and best practice use - of web standards is dependent on developers having an understanding of what each standard (or process) is and when a particular web standard should be used.

A key point about using web standards:

Just because one standard is good does not mean using every standard that exists is better!

Content Markup:

Use content markup to contain web content (typically text information) in logical or "semantic" structures indicated by elements and tags. The two common web markup languages are HTML and XHTML, however there are different versions and purposes for each.

    • IETF 1993,
    • IETF 2.0 1995-6,
    • W3C 3.2 1997,
    • W3C 4.0 1997 (Strict, Transitional & Frameset),
    • W3C 4.01 1999,
    • ISO/IEC 2000 (essentially based on W3C HTML 4.01 standard).
  • XHTML (All W3C):
    • 1.0 (Strict, Transitional and Frameset) 2000. (Last revised 2001).
    • 1.1, Based
  • XML

Content Presentation:

Understanding the Difference:

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