Crimson Editor

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The Crimson Editor is a text file editor that has been designed to work well with many different programming languages. This program is only available for the Windows operating system. The home page for this editor is

Setup Hints

The following sections contain details on how to configure Crimson Editor for different languages and environments.


To enable you to compile Pascal programs using the Free Pascal Compiler from within Crimson Editor, you will need to load some Tools. Download this tools file and extract to your system (we suggest that you extract it to c:\temp). Then run Crimson Editor and from the Tools menu select Conf User Tools.... From the dialog that appears press the Load Tools... button and select the PascalTools.cmd that was extracted from the zip file. If this works you will see the Compile and Execute tools loaded into the menu. Check the path to the Free Pascal Compiler in the Compile tool, and adjust if required.

Select the Conf User Tools...' option from the menu.
The dialogs that are used to load the user tools.