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This series of articles and associated Learn Programming with SwinGame podcasts will help you learn the Pascal programming language syntax, and how to program. Our motto when creating this series was "Learning to program should be fun!" Programming is something that we enjoy, and we hope that you this series will give you the tools you need to really enjoy programming.


The core of the Learn Programming with SwinGame series are the podcasts that are available via iTunesU. To get started you should watch the Introduction podcast that outlines the podcasts that will be made available in the series, and the format of the podcasts. After this watch the Getting started with SwinGame podcast to learn about the tools you will need to install, and how to go about building your SwinGame programs.

In addition to these podcasts, the Programming Pascal book can provide you with information on learning to program using the Pascal programming language. Together the podcasts and book should provide you with everything you need to get started.

Core Syntax

The first programming abstractions you will need to learn about are

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