Literature Review Checklist

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Review Checklist

When reviewing papers for a literature review, use the following checklist to capture data for later processing.

  1. Paper Title
  2. Bibtex Entry (or your citation db ref)
  3. Date reviewed
  4. What is the problem? (being addressed)
  5. What is the proposed solution?
  6. What work is this based on?
  7. Vocabulary used? (new, revised)
  8. Opinions expressed?
  9. What facts have been presented, with supporting evidence?
  10. Key references (to follow up)
  11. What is the type of paper. (Describe the paper without describing the details of the content).
    • Is this a concept being presented? Has it been verified?
    • Is this a technique presentation?
    • Is this a set of observations?
  12. Can we build any work on the work presented?


  • You should read the paper entirely before collecting details rigorously.
  • Make an basic evaluation of each paper to determine if it should be reviewed at all.
  • Start by trying describing the type of paper (without stating the content detail).
    • Eg. "This paper presents a methodology".


  • More information is coming on this topic...