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This page outlines the basic syntax for the SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE commands in SQL.

This page is a quick reference for this topic. SwinBrain and external links may provide more in depth details.
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SELECT Command

SELECT syntax:

SELECT (field1 [, field2] ...)
FROM (table1 [, table2] ...)
WHERE (condition1 [, condition2] ...)
ORDER BY (field1 [ASC|DESC] [, field2 [ASC|DESC]] ...)
GROUP BY (field1 [, field2] ...)
HAVING (condition1 [, condition2] ...)

Product related SELECT documentation: T-SQL | PL/SQL | MySQL

INSERT Command

INSERT syntax:

INSERT INTO table_name (field1 [, field2])
VALUES (value1 [,value2])

Product related INSERT documentation: T-SQL | PL/SQL | MySQL

UPDATE Command

UPDATE syntax:

UPDATE table_name 
SET field1 = (value1|expr1) 
 [, field2 = (value2|expr2)])
[WHERE (condition1 [, condition2])]

Product related UPDATE documentation: T-SQL | PL/SQL | MySQL

DELETE Command

DELETE syntax:

DELETE FROM table_name
[WHERE (condition1 [, condition2])]

Product related DELETE documentation: T-SQL | PL/SQL | MySQL


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