Setting Up A Developers PC

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Have a look at the following software components for setting up a Developer PC.

  • Firefox - The Firefox browser is a great browser, with an active extensions (i.e. plugin) community. Have a look at the getting Firefox video and install Firefox on your machine.
    • Get the AdBlock extension to avoid seeing ads while browsing the web
    • Get the Web Developer extension if you are doing any web development work
    • The Tidy HTML Validator can tell you if your pages are valid HTML
    • Lots of other extensions are also worth getting.
  • Windows Defender - This is an anti-spyware program that can help protect your machine from popups etc... Windows Defender is currently in beta but can be downloaded and installed on your machine. Visit the Windows Defender homepage.

Setting up for HIT1301

If you are studying HIT1301 you will also want to install the following. This video shows you how to do this if you get stuck.

Setting up for HIT8099

If you are studying HIT8099 you will need to install the following.

  • Configure Windows XP Professional to include
    • IIS - Install
    • MSMQ
  • Visual Studio .NET 2003
  • SQL Server - Developer Edition
  • SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Visio 2003
  • WSE 2.0 SP3

You may also want to install Windows Virtual PC. This software along with the above items are available for download for students of HIT8099. Please refer to Blackboard for instructions.

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