From SwinBrain

Administration Inquiries

Administrative enquiries about SwinBrain should be directed to Andrew Cain, a lecture within the ICT faculty whose initiative it was to operate SwinBrain for the benefit of staff and students.

Configuration Questions

Questions regarding skin styling of this mediawiki installation, or extension development and configuration, can be direct to Clinton Woodward, also a lecturer within the FICT at Swinburne who has an active part in this wiki's content and operation.

About Content

Pages contributed to SwinBrain are typically developed by a single primary contributor, with additions and corrections being added by other members. Therefore, content related queries should typically be directed to the primary contributor of the page of interest.

Errors & Omissions

If you believe that contents has been added to SwinBrain without appropriate permissions, please let us know so that we can rectify breaches of copyright.

Invited Contribution

Contributions are welcome, however all users to SwinBrain are known to the administration, and contributors must be registered manually by "sysops" staff (Andrew Cain or Clinton Woodward).

See the Adding Content page (available in the navigation menu) for reference information about how to add content if contributing to this wiki.