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Just wondering why you have nothing on your talk page yet? Amazing... :) Clinton

Found this easy OS X install of moodle for you - it needs to go on your new toy. Clinton


Hey Andrew, I was just wondering how the support for embedding latex math objects was going, I've got a little bit of content which I can add which relies on it Andrew


I've done a bit of hunting round, the following is a basic list of requirements from the current stable branch SVN repository. I haven't actually run a copy of mediawiki so most of this is guesswork.

MediaWiki texvc readme:

  • The main component is texvc, which ships as part of mediawiki (in the math directory).
  • If you built mediawiki from source you'll need to also build texvc which requires OCaml 3.06 or later
  • a latex distribution (on linux probably tetex), including the standard math extension packages.
  • dvipng
  • I assume that there is at least one flag to set - $wgUseTeX in LocalSettings.php

This page: Seems to indicate you may also need ImageMagick with postscript support and dvips, but I'm not sure about this. That page also contains some additional information on howto troubleshoot the setup process which may be handy.

This page: Has lots of example latex and mathml code examples which might be handy for testing.

I've chatted with Clinton about getting this setup in the past and I'm not sure how much of this he has already done...